Many consider Dublin as the Silicon Valley of Europe and, with major tech companies such as Linkedin, Facebook, Amazon etc establishing European offices in Ireland’s capital, there is a big attraction for talented IT professionals to relocate from all over the world creating diverse and multicultural workforces.

However, despite the fact that more people are retraining into the tech sector than any other, there is still a large imbalance between the number of candidates compared to the number of jobs being advertised.

Steve Jorgensen, Recruitment Director at Inform IT, believes that this imbalance will widen as the demand for tech staff increases.

“There are a number of aspects to this issue,” he said. “It’s vital that companies can attract the top tech people on the market and, to do this, they need to understand what these professionals are looking for.

“Demand for talented IT professionals continues to increase at a much higher rate than the number of candidates joining the IT sector, so employees need to be offered an environment that helps not only attract candidates into their business, but which is also focused on engaging with and retaining existing staff.

“Candidates in this market today want to be part of successful, innovative and ambitious companies, who will give them the opportunity to work with new and exciting technologies in an industry that’s constantly evolving.

“Companies who offer a fun and friendly environment, flexible working hours, occasional work from home, training budgets etc, as well as the opportunity to work on interesting projects using new and innovative technologies will always stand out.

“One of the important aspects to attracting talent is a competitive compensation and benefits package, but this has to run alongside the provision of a culture and environment within the company which is designed to retain its workforce.

“In today’s business world, traditional job boards are becoming less utilised and there is a greater emphasis on social media and other avenues. This has resulted in many companies choosing to employ the services of recruitment consultants who can give them access to high calibre candidates on the market place and can keep them engaged through the recruitment process. By utilising a recruitment consultant with expertise in this field, companies can greatly increase their reach and will find it easier to attract the top tech professionals.

“It’s the talent within a company that drives innovation. As technology continues to advance, companies need to remain at the forefront of that advance and can only do so with the most highly-skilled professionals among their ranks. A specialist recruitment consultant is the best way to ensure that that happens.”